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Advanced Physician Solutions utilizes the AltaPoint, an integrated practice management and EHR product.  Altapoint combines the mandatory patient and insurance billing, electronic claims processing, inventory, scheduling, reminders, and clinical record storage, and more, with impressive advanced features such as speech recognition for narrative dictation, picture and radiograph storage, zPatient Portal, and the NEW AltaPoint Connectivity Suite for mobile usage.

AltaPoint streamlines and simplifies the work of insurance billing. Combining the billing and clinic systems into one package enables practices to avoid double data entry into separate billing, clinical, and scheduling systems. This system is designed to record all aspects of the patient's visit from the patient's initial check in to check out.  It also provides exceptional customization for specialty clinics.  The Medical Records functionality of this system helps limit liability in the office and combines ease of entry and legitimate clinical information management.

Friendly and intuitive. AltaPoint has been carefully designed to put your practice information at your fingertips in a logical, predictable, and easy-to-understand manner.


• Electronic Claims Processing
• Customized Statementss
• Reduced Staffing Costs
• Management Reporting
• Reduced Days Outstanding
• HIPAA Compliant System

AltaPoint EHR 12 is a certified HIT Product

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