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Keeping a pulse

on your practice's revenue


A relationship with Advanced Physician Solutions (APS) is about more than just the numbers. It's about trust and mutual respect. That’s what you should feel about your medical billing services partner.  We are ready to take care of you and your practice.

As a doctor you can appreciate the importance of being and staying healthy. We are here to look after the FINANCIAL HEALTH of your practice. You need the expertise of the medical billing specialists at Advanced Physician Solutions. Our medical billing services experience enables us to identify the redundancies, the hemorrhage of funds, and the inefficiencies that reduce your practice’s profitability.

In today’s high pressured world of medical practice, there is little time left for physicians to manage their internal billing process. That’s where APS comes into play. By utilizing our expertise through state of the art practice management software and electronic billing processes, keeping abreast of all the new medical coding requirements and assertive insurance follow-up, we are able to achieve a high level of revenue enhancement for our clients.

At APS, we employ certified professional coders and experienced reimbursement professionals to fulfill the expectations and standards for proper coding and billing procedures. Our certified professional coders are up to date with the latest trends and ever changing policies of Medicare, Medicaid and other third party insurers. Our office keeps you up to date with current compliance reform and is HIPAA compliant. Our experienced reimbursement specialists review procedures, evaluation and management services, laboratory services, pathology services, and operative reports to assure ultimate reimbursement. Denied claims are tracked and appealed as necessary.

We are active participants in the process of Revenue Cycle Management and view every aspect of our services rendered as an opportunity to help your practice to become more profitable.

Spare yourself the frustration of wasting your valuable time and money trying to file medical billing claims internally.

The bottom line: Advanced Physician Solutions is committed to making your medical billings more streamlined, your staff more informed and your practice more profitable.


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