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Advanced Physician Solutions is a full-service medical billing company with a focus on excellence in healthcare revenue management. Advanced Physician Solutions is committed to providing outstanding customer service to physicians and their patients. This is achieved through a comprehensive approach to medical billing, which includes coding, billing and claims management. It is our goal to provide our clients with the highest level of accuracy, efficiency and integrity to ensure we are meeting their needs and remaining abreast of the current issues and trends in reimbursements.

We help your practice managers and medical billing technicians make the right decisions at the beginning of the billing process. Your practice collects more, faster, and encounters fewer rejections.

APS deals directly with Medicare, Insurance Companies, and other entities on your behalf. We have experience dealing with a wide range of providers. We don’t use clearinghouses to the same degree other medical billing providers do. Result: better collection ratios. That’s a proven fact.

APS can also give you a leg-up with the government. We have been closely studying EHR/ARRA legislation and “meaningful use” requisites. APS experts understand how all this will impact your practice, as well as the best medical billing and EHR solutions available to meet the challenges.

At APS, we employ certified professional coders and experienced reimbursement professionals to fulfill the expectations and standards for proper coding and billing procedures. Our certified professional coders are up to date with the latest trends and ever changing policies of Medicare, Medicaid and other third party insurers.

Our office keeps you up to date with current compliance reforms and is HIPAA compliant. Our experienced reimbursement specialists review procedures, evaluation and management services, laboratory services, pathology services, and operative reports to assure ultimate reimbursement. Denied claims are tracked and appealed as necessary. 



Looking for an EHR or Practice Management Solution? Our affiliate company Averest Health Technologies offers you innovative solutions to optimize your practice. Visit their site to learn more by clicking on the Averest logo.

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